Smart Ways For Spicing Up Your Home Designs & Living Spaces

Innovative ways to spice up your home designs

The right design and space in a room add to the beauty, comfort, and ambiance of a room. Wrong design and cluttered spaces create a negative mood as soon as one steps into a room. Learning how to pick the right design and choosing how to balance out your spaces is one of the qualities that top interior designers are famously known for.

For a trusted interior designer, visit and speak to their designer to get ideas on how to spice up your room in such a way that it looks spacious even if the room is not that big.


You can spice up your rooms with various designs that will not only look beautiful but also work to increase the space in your house and if not, at least produce an illusion of it.

Spacious Living Room Design

By choosing the proper source of light, one can spice the design and increase the space. A tall lamp draws up the eye and adds to the height of the room. An interior design firm should be able to advise you to go for more raised furniture, opt for flat-screen Smart TV and laptops compared to the stationary desktop computer that would only serve to clutter the space.

Lighting serves a major role in the design of a house. Good lighting with the right designs increases the ambiance of a room. Exposed bare windows, usually bring in natural light to a room giving an illusion of the extension to the outdoors increasing the space.


Mirrors also situated at the right angle to the natural light, light up the room, and give an illusion of more depth to a room.

Lighting to Improve Home Design

For those who are not keen to have mirrors as part of their designs can use mirrored furniture to catch the light and also enjoy the same feature and addition to the ambiance of the room.

Wall art and wall color selection add to the design and increased space in a room. Wall art that is tastefully done and catches the eye can be put on walls that are usually ignored. This will create attention to it to hence increasing the space. Wall art can include photographs, wallpapers, or even wall shelving.

Bright colors with cool hues and graphics also give an illusion of a room’s depth. White or a cream wall reflects light in a way that showcases the room increasing the depth of a room. If you desire darker colors, you can finish the wall painting with a glossy look. This will reflect light more to all parts of the room.

L-shaped couches are mostly advised by house interior designers as they provide more seating space while leaving enough space around reducing traffic in a room. This saves space compared to sofas that take up more space in a room. For more modern furniture ideas, visit Expatliving Singapore furniture shop review.

If you need some help in choosing the right furniture for your new home, watch the video below or read this article “Tips for Choosing the Right Furniture”.


Arranging of light chairs around a centerpiece like a coffee table also avoids cluttering and makes it easier for movement compared to more bulky furniture like sofas. You can also design the room by using throw pillows on the L-shaped couches and chairs. The throw pillows should have beautiful designs in lighter colors to brighten up the room. The throw pillows aid in the design but also prove to be comfy to use.

Fewer accessories in a room also add to the design of the room and increase the living space. Ceiling lamps and wall lamps for lighting could save on space by reducing floor lamps and numerous desk lamps.

This reduces the cluttering of space and traffic in a room. Instead of having a lot of art on your walls, you can reduce them to a few tasteful ones. The addition of a plant to your room will also add to the tastefulness of a house design.

For those who know they can be negligent to the watering of the plant can go for less delicate plants like aloe vera and the cactus.

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